Agro Allied



Based in Lagos, Nigeria and established in 2009, Temporada Evergreen has become one of the largest indigenous importer and exporters of top quality tomatoes in and out of Nigeria, enjoying a fine reputation through continually delivering excellence.

We are the only sole importer of tomatoes paste in Africa.

We know that success is built best on strong foundations right at the core of a business. For Temporada Evergreen, this means with our sourcing activities. We have strong ethical principles, always endeavoring to support our suppliers with extremely fair market prices and plenty of practical help. Through our established network of solid and long lasting relationships we are fully able to trace all our produce back to each of the origin farms. This significantly contributes to the quality control success that have we achieved over many years. Combined with our care of product, Temporada Evergreen Ltd will consistently bring the best quality Nigerian Agro products safely through to the end user.