Temporada Evergreen is a privately owned business located in Lagos, Nigeria. Temporada Evergreen was founded in Lagos in 2009. It has wide range of record in the wholesale distribution and third party logistics business.

Temporada Evergreen focuses on key specialty retail channels which require specific product assortments and the appropriate merchandising service and support. Such retail channels include pharmacies, college bookstores, campus convenience stores, grocery stores, hospital and hotel gift shops and seasonal and tourist shops. Temporada Evergreen also provides an extensive impulse item program for drug and grocery stores.
The primary product lines stocked and distributed by Temporada Evergreen include:

Health and Beauty Care
School and Office Supplies
Cosmetics, Cosmetic Accessories and Implements
Ethnic Hair and Skin Care
Travel and Trial Size products
Energy Drinks and Vitamins
Natural and Organic products
Hair Care and Accessories
Dorm Supplies
Batteries and Flashlights
Electrical and Light Bulbs
Clocks, Lamps and Small Appliances
Audio/Video and Computer products
Toys, Games and Books
Housewares, Cleaners and Hardware
Shoe Care and Sewing products.
Party Supplies
Impulse Programs
Seasonal Promotions

40 sales representatives across the Africa represent Temporada Evergreen and provide service to its retail clientele. Key services from sales representatives are noted below.

In addition, Temporada Evergreen home office and distribution center personnel provide a number of support services to our retail clientele. Key services from home office and distribution center personnel are noted below.

Customer Service Support
Marketing services including the production of product plangrams and seasonal fliers.
Distribution services including break-pack distribution and low minimum order quantities.
Information technology services including web services and item data via EDI. ..